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Greetings poolfanatics,

It is that time again. The 20th Open Groningen is coming.

Where has the time gone. In the meantime there have been 19 editions of this beautiful tournament and still it is a tournament with its own quirky character that we as an organization are very proud of.

A quirky tournament in the o such a beautiful wayward Groningen, a city with international allure, with its own unique atmosphere. This makes Cue Actions 'Open Groningen' the opportunity for top players from the wider area and our own 'Local Heroes' to compete against each other.

Following our evaluation last year, we have been prepared to adjust a number of items. First the registrations. Through various channels it was possible to register. Something that was used a little too noncommittal by some players. That is why from this year onwards it is only possible to register via the website via the registration tab. Adjustments have also been made in the competition regulations. A number of issues were not clearly defined and we have now adjusted that.

Starting today, all relevant tournament information can be viewed under the various tabs on this website.

We are also busy with a number of issues that will be a supplement to the tournament. We will inform you about this as soon as this is complete.

Finally, the team of Cue Action Groningen and the Open Groningen working group would like to welcome you all at the 20th Open Groningen on Sunday 15 July in Cue Action Groningen


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